Alan Zheng - Toronto Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing a home or selling a home, each has its stages of processing and requires different tailored duties and services along the way. That is why it is significant to have a real estate professional by your side during the process. A professional will be prepared and ready to meet the necessary demands to bring you in the maximum value.

I will do the following if you are selling a home:

• Professionally market your home using channels such as services offering multiple listings, social media, and other websites.
• Perform comparative market analysis for demonstrating how much other homes in the same areas have been selling for over recent months.
• Seek assistance from the other necessary professionals for accurate completion of paperwork as well as meeting with the crucial deadlines.
• Complete a property profile will on your home, which includes its current conditions, surroundings (landscape and other buildings), and any special features.

I will do the following if you are purchasing a home:

• Bring you up to date on the conditions of the current housing market.
• Discuss the alternatives and analyze which of them will be best for your criteria and budget.
• Be prepared and ready to resolve all the challenges that are possible during the time of purchasing a new home.
• Provide service of the highest quality and make sure you are comfortable with the process, as well as confident in us.