Thomas Swanson St

LocationCornell, Markham, L6B 1M8
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School Information

  • elementary schools
    Legacy Public School (Grade:JK-8) 1338/3037
  • secondary schools
    Markham District High School (Grade:9-12) 130/739
    Advanced Placement
  • elementary schools
    Sir Richard W. Scott Catholic Elementary School (Grade:JK-8) 131/3037
  • secondary schools
    Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy (Grade:9-12) 42/739
  • elementary schools
    Fred Varley Public School (Grade:1-1) 228/3037
  • elementary schools
    Sam Chapman Public School (Grade:2-8)
  • secondary schools
    Bill Hogarth Secondary School (Grade:9-11) 42/739
  • elementary schools
    St. Francis Xavier Catholic Elementary School (Grade:1-8) 301/3037


Community Overview

Thomas Swanson St is at the Heart of Cornell Community. Located in the northeast part of Markham, Cornell is bounded by Highway 407, Ninth Line, Donald Cousens Parkway, and Reesor Road. The area is mainly bordered by farmland and the Rouge River Valley, making it a natural and serene place to call home. The community's roots are surprisingly enjoyable, with its name derived from William Cornell, a Rhode Island resident related to the founder of Cornell University, Ezra Cornell. In terms of housing, Cornell features mostly town, semi-detached, or detached houses with garage parking spaces at the rear, creating an aesthetically pleasing streetscape free of parked cars. In past 3 months, 39 Town homes were sold at average of $1.15M. Additionally, 49% of residents in this neighborhood are first-generation immigrants, while 32% are second-generation immigrants, contributing to the community's diversity. For those who prefer public transportation, the closest GO Train station is Markham GO, which is about 15 minutes away by car. Cornell is also home to various businesses catering to community needs, mainly located on Bur Oak Avenue. Cornell residents are well-served by a range of shopping options, with everything from small businesses and specialty shops to larger retail venues. Lastly, Cornell is considered a safe and secure community, with many wellness clinics and the Markham Stouffville hospital conveniently across the southern border. Cornell is an excellent neighborhood with great homes, parks, schools, and amenities, making it an excellent place for anyone seeking a diverse and communal living experience.

Neighbourhood Houses

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