Highway 7 Rd

LocationEast Woodbridge, Vaughan, L4L 1S6
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School Information

  • elementary schools
    Pine Grove Public School (Grade:JK-8) 1119/3037
  • secondary schools
    Woodbridge College (Grade:9-12) 406/739
  • elementary schools
    St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Elementary School (Grade:JK-8) 1821/3037
  • secondary schools
    Holy Cross Catholic Academy (Grade:9-12) 374/739
  • elementary schools
    Lorna Jackson Public School (Grade:JK-8) 301/3037
  • elementary schools
    Elder's Mills Public School (Grade:2-8)
  • elementary schools
    St. John Bosco Catholic Elementary School (Grade:1-8) 784/2900


Community Overview

Highway 7 Rd is at South West Corner of East Woodbridge Community. The Community of East Woodbridge runs from Highway 400 east to Rutherford Road in the North, Humber River on the west, and Highway 7 and Highway 407 in the south. It borders Pine Valley Business Park and the Concord industry district, where countless storefronts and office buildings provide plenty of job opportunities for Vaughan's residents. About half of the residential real estate was built between 1980 and 1990, and along highway 7 are the latest condo and condo townhouses built in recent years. In past 3 months, 4 Town homes were sold at average of $1.09M. Most of the remaining residents were of descent from other European countries, and also Indian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Driving by car is straightforward because highway 400, the west community boundary, provisions three entrances at Rutherford Road, Langstaff Road, and Highway 7. Sitting beside Boyd Conservation Area, the National Golf Club of Canada is considered one of the best private member golf clubs in Canada. Along highway 7, several major shopping blocks, including Westbridge Shopping Center, 7/400 Power Center, Woodbridge Square, Parkette Plaza, Marycroft Center, and Pine Valley Center, offer as many chain retailers as small stores. East Woodbridge is one of the best communities in Vaughan, given its strategic location. Proximity to Vaughan Metropolitan Center, an emerging Vaughan downtown poised to be the financial, innovation, and cultural center of Vaughan, East Woodbridge is undoubtfully on the top of the list for families to live.

Neighbourhood Houses

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