Treasure Rd

LocationVellore Village, Vaughan, L6A2Y7
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School Information

  • elementary schools
    Discovery Public School (Grade:JK-8) 577/3037
  • secondary schools
    Maple High School (Grade:9-12) 95/739
  • elementary schools
    St. James Catholic Elementary School (Grade:JK-8) 203/3037
  • secondary schools
    St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School (Grade:9-12) 503/739
  • secondary schools
    Cardinal Carter Catholic High School (Grade:9-12) 180/739
  • elementary schools
    Joseph A. Gibson Public School (Grade:JK-08) 169/3037
  • elementary schools
    Julliard Public School (Grade:2-8)
  • secondary schools
    Woodbridge College (Grade:9-12) 406/739


Community Overview

Treasure Rd is at North East Corner of Vellore Village Community. The Community of Vellore Village runs from Jane and Highway 400 on the east to Rutherford Road in the south, Pine Valley Drive and Islington Avenue on the west, and Teston Road on the north. Bounding highway 400 and located close to numerous amenities such as shopping malls, hospitals and schools, Vellore Village has evolved into one of the fast-growing communities in Vaughan. Homeownership is high in Vellore Village, with only about 10% of renters living in the Community. In past 3 months, 38 Detached homes were sold at average of $1.75M. Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, Flipino, Korean, Assyrian, Iraqi, Greek and Romanian are also widespread in each neighbourhood. It takes shorter than eight minutes to drive to reach the highway from anywhere in the neighbourhood. Residents can purchase a season pass to get unlimited access each year. Anchored by Walmart, Mcdonald's, Homedepot, Goodlife fitness, Freshco and Shoppers Drug Mart, these two plazas constitute a major shopping block for consumers. Vellore Village is a thriving community where housing price is relatively affordable. The A+ amenities such as shopping centres, hospitals, beautiful parks and well-integrated public transport attract many families.

Neighbourhood Houses

12 Santa Maria Trail Vaughan, 12 Treasure Road Vaughan, 16 Santa Maria Trail Vaughan, 17 Treasure Road Vaughan, 2 Santa Maria Trail Vaughan, 2 Treasure Road Vaughan, 20 Santa Maria Trail Vaughan, 20 Treasure Road Vaughan, 21 Treasure Road Vaughan, 24 Santa Maria Trail Vaughan, 27 Treasure Road Vaughan, 28 Santa Maria Trail Vaughan, 30 Treasure Road Vaughan, 31 Treasure Road Vaughan, 32 Santa Maria Trail Vaughan, 36 Santa Maria Trail Vaughan, 40 Santa Maria Trail Vaughan, 42 Ocean Avenue Vaughan, 45 Treasure Road Vaughan, 46 Treasure Road Vaughan, 48 Ocean Avenue Vaughan, 49 Treasure Road Vaughan, 50 Treasure Road Vaughan, 53 Treasure Road Vaughan, 54 Treasure Road Vaughan. To find the price of recently sold homes near my neighbourhood in Vellore Village, Vaughan, please contact realtor Alan Zheng (647-877-9311).

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