Ayhart St

LocationWismer, Markham, L6E 1H5
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School Information

  • elementary schools
    Wismer Public School (Grade:JK-8) 203/3037
  • secondary schools
    Bur Oak Secondary School (Grade:9-12) 35/739
    Advanced Placement
  • elementary schools
    San Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic Elementary School (Grade:JK-8) 97/3037
  • secondary schools
    St. Brother Andre Catholic High School (Grade:9-12) 281/739
  • elementary schools
    Fred Varley Public School (Grade:1-1) 228/3037
  • elementary schools
    Sam Chapman Public School (Grade:2-8)
  • secondary schools
    Bill Hogarth Secondary School (Grade:9-11) 42/739
  • elementary schools
    St. Edward Catholic Elementary School (Grade:1-8) 796/3037

Commute Information

Mount Joy Go Train Station (0.9km)


Community Overview

Ayhart St is at the Heart of Wismer Community. Wismer runs from Markham Road on the East to Major Mackenzie Road on the North, 16th Avenue on the South and Mccowan Road on the West. Two significant roads, Castlemore Avenue and Bur Oak Avenue, run through the Community from east to West. And the other two major roads, Roy Raine Avenue and Mingay Avenue run through the Community from North to south. Wismer is an Asian ethnic dominant community in Markham. With many unfilled lands, numerous new townhome neighbourhoods are under development or just developed after 2020. In past 3 months, 20 Detached homes were sold at average of $1.75M. Furthermore, around 43% of residents in Wismer have received a university degree or higher. In Ayhart St neighbourhood, you will find many residents are Chinese, East Indian, Canadian, and Scottish. Driving to highway 404 is about 10 miles, but there have been long traffic jams along 16th avenue at peak hours due to the increasing population in the area. Established in 1971, Markham Museum presents visitors with Markham's history with a heritage village and modern exhibit buildings. On the east of the Community, the Shoppes of Wismer and Wismer Village Shopping Centre offer restaurants, Tim Horton, retail bank branches and other service-related stores. Wismer is a recent community in Markham where homebuyers can find newer and relatively affordable housing. Families choose to live here also because kids can attend top-tier schools and adults can enjoy convenient recreational facilities and shopping.

Neighbourhood Houses

10 Herbert Calbert Drive Markham, 13 Herbert Calbert Drive Markham, 14 Herbert Calbert Drive Markham, 15 Herbert Calbert Drive Markham, 16 Herbert Calbert Drive Markham, 19 Ayhart Street Markham, 20 Ayhart Street Markham, 20 Herbert Calbert Drive Markham, 20 McKennon Street Markham, 21 Ayhart Street Markham, 21 McKennon Street Markham, 22 Ayhart Street Markham, 22 McKennon Street Markham, 23 Ayhart Street Markham, 23 McKennon Street Markham, 24 Ayhart Street Markham, 25 McKennon Street Markham, 26 McKennon Street Markham, 27 McKennon Street Markham, 31 Ayhart Street Markham, 32 Ayhart Street Markham, 32 McKennon Street Markham, 33 Ayhart Street Markham, 33 McKennon Street Markham, 34 Ayhart Street Markham. To find the price of recently sold homes near my neighbourhood in Wismer, Markham, please contact realtor Alan Zheng (647-877-9311).

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